Students who wish to compliment their lessons have the option of leasing a horse to further develop their horsemanship and riding skills.  All students with leases must also take weekly lessons through Skibbereen.  Lease fees are determined by the level of lease and particular lease.

Full Lease:  Hack 5 days; lesson on 6th day. Students ride the same horse.

Half Lease:  Hack 2 days; lesson on 3rd day.  Students ride the same horse, but may share the horse with another half-lease student.  Hack days are managed by the barn manager.

Open Lease:  Students are able to hack on their designated hack days and ride assigned horse.  Horses are assigned by the barn manager.


Please contact Chrissie Hannon for availability at 648-1908.  Horse owners are welcome at the barn during its normal operating hours.

Please call for rates.