Skibbereen Farm offers horseback riding lessons year round for all riding levels.  Classes are offered Tuesday through Sunday at various times, with one of our many talented instructors, so that students can easily find the time to fit lessons into the busiest of schedules. Whether you are looking for extensive training to prepare for regional or national shows or simply want to have a fun day at the barn with friends, the Skibbereen Farm Lesson program caters to all aspects of horsemanship.  

The Skibbereen lesson program promotes basic horsemanship, as well as riding skills.  Based on experience, riders may be expected to take care of the tacking up and putting away of their horse.  We also run a summer day camp to expose students to the day to day care of horses.

Our philosophy is to keep things fun and relaxed while teaching all our students a sense of responsibility and understanding through helping to care for an animal.  We keep things informal so that our students feel confident and free to ask questions, and our instructors are extremely patient and willing to go as slow or as fast as each student feels comfortable.

Lesson Fees:  

Lungeline/Beginner walk trot:  $35

Novice-Advanced: $40

Chrissie Hannon: $60 per hour

Facilities:  Skibbereen Farm has several barns that house the horses, as well as acres of pastures with mature trees.  For inclement weather conditions, Skibbereen Farm has an indoor riding arena.

Horse Shows:  Many of our students participate in various horse shows throughout the year.  Information on horse shows can be found through contacting the barn.

Please call with any questions.

NEWS from the Barn:

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